Mixing Work and Play

Architecturally, La Diana by RÄS Studios in Barcelona is a sleight of hand: from the streetfront, the double decker is capped by a interior garden that leads into the retail location. The entrance hall splinters into a lower level reserved as the salesfloor and an upper strata for private living. Though it may seem modest to passersby, the space expands into a surprisingly long, deep volume with a fresh style and casual flair.

The dual purposes of La Diana are tied together visually with an intentional use of materials that emphasizes the region’s Catalan roots. The original brickwork was maintained during renovations, cracks and all, and strips of concrete were added across both floors to divide and conquer the space. Black iron features further draw a sharp contrast against the crisp, clean white that floods the space.

Find inspiration in our recent release Upgrade. Spanning centuries of origin as well as countries, the book showcases alterations, extensions, and other add ons to existing structures. This title is also available in German.


Images © Adria Goula

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Author: nathan

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