By Patrick Burgoyne

Current Man City home shirt as it appears on Nike website

According to the MCFC website, the club has “been working with our designers to establish a badge which most authentically reflects both Manchester City Football Club and the city of Manchester and which takes into account the feedback received during this consultation.”

Current Man City home shirt, with ‘eagle’ badge, as it appears on Nike website

The decision follows a major consultation exercise. City members, or ‘Cityzens’, gave their views via an online questionnaire and at a dedicated space at the club’s Etihad Stadium. In addition, many fans also attended a series of free lectures on the history of the badge, provided by football historian Gary James, and could also air their views on the club’s City Voice forum.

According to the club, “Having analysed all responses received, the Club can confirm that there is an overwhelming desire amongst Cityzens for the badge to evolve and that a round design, as used in two of the Club’s three previous crests

[see main image], is by far the most popular shape and remained so throughout the consultation process.”

What will the new badge look like? Kevin Parker, General Secretary of the Manchester City FC Supporters Club, said: “while the Eagle badge will rightly live on in fans’ hearts, minds and on football kits for all that it has come to symbolise over the years, I am pleased that we will once again see the round design which has twice featured in our past badges.”

The design will be completed “in the coming weeks” and shared first with members.

Changes to football club badges can be hugely controversial. Back in 2013, Everton unveiled a new badge which it had supposedly consulted fans over. However, many supporters  were outraged at the new design and very critical of the consultation process. The result was that the new badge was quickly scrapped, a more comprehensive consultation process enacted, and a replacement design chosen by the fans.

We await the new design with interest – own goal or winner we wonder?

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