By Mark Sinclair


Thanks to the engaging nature of both her writing and her distinctive illustration style, Marion Deuchars is becoming something of a treasured name in the world of children’s books. Her Let’s Make Some Great Art series of activity books has encouraged youngsters to get hands-on with art, while her latest picture story, Bob the Artist, shows how art itself can transform your thinking.

Bob the blackbird gets teased because of his skinny legs. He tries all manner of things to make them bigger, from going to the gym to covering them up, but, alas, he’s stuck with them and there is little he can do about it. So, on a whim, he visits a gallery and while there he realises that being different – standing out, expressing yourself – is actually a good thing.


Inspired by the techniques of some of the world’s most famous artists, he gets to work on making himself look different again. He paints his beak all manner of colours and patterns and soon the other animals don’t even notice his legs (which aren’t really that bad anyway).

Bob the Artist is a charming tale that will no doubt resonate with children, parents, and birds with bright red beaks, alike.

Bob the Artist is published by Laurence King (£10.95) and is out next week


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