By Becci Sharpe

An Italian artist and photographer with a technical background, Andrea Cailò describes himself as a self-taught creative based in Bremen, Germany. Naked City – Fog is his personal photography series shot on one dark, misty night last October.

Venturing out into the murky city streets he explored his local area, capturing how the natural fog affected the shadows and distorted the light. The bad weather left this busy urban area unusually quiet, allowing Cailò the freedom to shoot empty streets that look almost abandoned.

Playing with this sense of desolation, Cailò allows the mist to roll through each shot, altering the view and adding the suspense of his subject. He describes of his work: “In such conditions the city slowly disappears.” As a result, ordinary streets are transformed into atmospheric scenes straight out of noir culture.

You can see more of this photography on and also discover Cailò’s illustrative work on Behance.

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