By Andrew Blackman

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What You’ll Be Creating

High-quality textures are an integral part of creating digital artwork with depth, realism and visual interest. One of the best ways of adding believable detail to any digitally created element or illustration is to use good textures.

But where do you get these textures? One of the best places is to develop them yourself. In our new course, Texture Crafting in Adobe Photoshop, you will learn exactly how to do just that!

What You’ll Learn

With the guidance of Tuts+ instructor Kirk Nelson, you’ll look at photographing textures out in the “wild” or in a studio setting, crafting your own textures with real media, and creating digital textures with the tools in Photoshop.

Digital texture created in Photoshop

This course will spark your interest in texture crafting and start you on your way to creating your own library of digital textures.

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