By Eliza Williams

Tesco’s latest ad sees children use the tannoy service in a store to tell their dads how much they love them in a celebration of Father’s Day, coming up this Sunday in the UK. So far, so schmaltzy you might think – and as a cynical old hack, normally I would be with you. I certainly like to think that I’m resistant to the blatant emotional exploitation that tends to feature in these kinds of spots.

But there’s something so British about the scenes here – the awkwardness with the public display of affection shown by the dads, especially – that you can’t help believe that it’s all genuine, and from there it’s a short journey to the sobs.

The ad is the latest from BBH London for Tesco that has seen unexpected scenes play out in Tesco’s stores. For Valentine’s Day, for example, the brand engaged in some shopping-based matchmaking, while for Halloween last year they reimagined one store as a ‘Spookermarket’. Judging by the number of views that these films have received, it is an approach that is clearly going down well with the public.

Agency: BBH London
Creatives: Kate Murphy, Sarah Watson
Creative directors: Chris Lawson, Matt Moreland, Chris Clarke
Production company: Black Sheep Studios
Director: David Stoddart

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