Over 80% of all WordPress sites rely on custom post types and custom fields. Toolset makes it easy to build sites based on custom types and fields. And now, there’s a complete tutorial that will teach you how to translate anything that you build with Toolset.

What’s Toolset?

Toolset is a suite of plugins which will help you build rich WordPress sites, based on custom post types, fields and taxonomy. You can use Toolset with any theme. When you’re looking at a project that you can build better based on custom types, Toolset will help you deliver it a lot faster.

Toolset includes everything you need to build full-custom sites for:

  • Brochure sites (company, service and other ‘static’ material)
  • Directory and listing sites (sites that have a lot of content for visitors to choose from)
  • Membership sites (sites that visitors should register and log-in to get access to material)
  • E-Commerce sites
  • Magazines (fancy blogs that have custom layouts, arrangements and content)

The idea behind Toolset is that you can build everything from inside the WordPress admin, without programming. It’s a bold statement, but this is what Toolset does.

Why Toolset?

No matter if you’re just starting now with WordPress, or you’re an established Web Agency, you can benefit from Toolset. If you’re a newbi developer, you’ll immediately see that Toolset lets you build stuff that you didn’t think you could. If you’re an experienced developer, you’ll be happy to discover that you can achieve the same (and more) as you already do, but for a fraction of the time it takes you today.

And, your clients will love you for using Toolset. When you build sites that correctly use custom post types, fields and taxonomy, managing these sites becomes a breeze. It’s easy for your end-user to edit content in the right place, without worrying about how it appears on the front-end. Your medium-skills clients, who have basic WordPress understanding but are by-no-means developers, will be able to tweak and customize sites without calling you to do it.

How do I build a multilingual site with Toolset?

OK, so Toolset is great, but many of the sites I build have to be multilingual.

Toolset comes from OnTheGoSystems, the same company that created WPML. Everything that you build with Toolset, you can easily translate with WPML. And now, we’ve made it even easier with the new tutorial for building multilingual Toolset sites.

In this tutorial, we cover everything, including how to localize the WordPress admin (so that editors will see everything in their languages), through translating templates, forms, layouts and more.

Any special offer for WPML clients?

Our policy has always been to always offer one price for everyone, without special offers and discounts. We’re flexing this policy for WPML clients interested in Toolset.

Now, when you buy Toolset, you get 3-months free. This means that you’re paying the same price, but getting a Toolset account for 15 months instead of 12. This offer is only available for WPML clients. To take advantage of it, look at the Toolset link from inside your WPML account.

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Author: Amir

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