By nathan

The Collage Artist Worked with Tre and Elmaz on the Counting Sheep Series

Artist Lola Dupré is known for her surreal collages that contort bodies into towering figures with nearly unrecognizable features. For Counting Sheep, the prolific collage maker teamed up with Tre and Elmaz to create a series of bespoke fashion photographs for Satellite Journal, upon which Dupré later impressed her signature touch. The final series recreates the subterfuge at the center of a dream’s imagery: Though our minds cannot generate a novel face, the process of dreaming pulls from both familiar faces and people we saw in passing to create a surreal but uncanny experience. Stretched to their outer limits, the images in Counting Sheep offer a similar, dizzying same-same-but-different experience that both plays upon and stretches our relationship with the human body.

Dupré, Tre, and Elmaz are just three of the many young artists reinventing collage as an art form. Read our interview with Lola Dupré here and see more of her work in our book Illusive.

Images © Lola Dupré & Tre and Elmaz

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