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Prototypes and production

December 12th, 2018|

There’s an interesting distinction that Jeremy Keith defines between prototype code and production code in this post and I’ve been thinking about it all week: ...every so often, we use the materials of front-end development—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—to produce something that isn’t intended for production. [...]

What makes someone a good front-end developer?

December 12th, 2018|

We recently covered this exact same thing, but from the perspective of a bunch of developers. Chris Ferdinandi weighs in: The least important skills for a front-end developer to have are technical ones. The nuances of JavaScript. How to use a particular library, framework, or [...]

How to Put Anything on a Shirt Texture Background

December 12th, 2018|

We've shown you how to create an editable t-shirt mockup in Photoshop. Today, we've got a slightly different method: how to put anything in a shirt texture background. Of course there are different ways to achieve a great looking end result, but this one is [...]

Why isn’t it ?

December 11th, 2018|

The way JavaScript works is we can do scripts as an inline block: Or, if the script should be fetched from the network... With CSS, we can do an inline block of styles: So why not ? Instead, we have . Harry Roberts asked about [...]

An Introduction and Guide to the CSS Object Model (CSSOM)

December 11th, 2018|

If you've been writing JavaScript for some time now, it's almost certain you've written some scripts dealing with the Document Object Model (DOM). DOM scripting takes advantage of the fact that a web page opens up a set of APIs (or interfaces) so you can [...]

Google Labs Web Components

December 11th, 2018|

I think it's kinda cool to see Google dropping repos of interesting web components. It demonstrates the possibilities of cool new web features and allows them to ship them in a way that's compatible with entirely web standards. Here's one: I wanted to give it [...]

What do you name color variables?

December 8th, 2018|

What naming scheme do you use for color variables? Have you succeeded at writing CSS that uses color variables in a manner agnostic to the colors they represent?I've tried all of the following, and I have yet to succeed at writing CSS that works well [...]

Accessible SVG Icons With Inline Sprites

December 8th, 2018|

This is a great look at accessible SVG markup patterns by Marco Hengstenberg. Here's the ideal example: Menu Notes: It's not the itself that is interactive — it's wrapped in a for that. The .svg-icon class has some nice trickery, like em-based sizing to match [...]

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