By Laura Collinson

You might recognise Berlin-based photographer Matthias Heiderich from previous articles on Creative Boom – we’re big fans of his work. For his latest series Nowhere in Particular II, he has joined forces with fellow Berliner Elias Verhallen to capture the many sides of America – from the candy-coloured Cadillacs to the vast land and seascapes.

The series is the result of a roadtrip through British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Wyoming, between September and November 2015. Seemingly divided into two halves, some images depict the kitsch cars and pastel exterior design that we’ve come to associate with 1950’s America, whilst others document breathtaking scenery that seems to go on for miles. The overriding theme is exactly as it says in the title, it’s almost impossible to pinpoint the exact scene of each photograph.

Most impressively, Heiderich is self-taught and has produced numerous collections of bold, architectural photography, some of which is now collated in a gorgeous coffee table book entitled Spektrum Berlin. Landscape photographer Verhallen shares his stunning series of work on Instagram and Tumblr.

Image credit: © Matthias Heiderich / Elias Verhallen

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