By nathan

Building a Portable Dome with a Panoramic View of the Sky

In search of a comfortable shelter from the storm without rigid walls, Lithuanian designer Vytautas Puzeras designed a portable structure with a glass canopy and arching supports that works with nature. Portable but sturdy, Oasis can be transported with ease and takes half a day to assemble. At the core of Puzeras’ design was his desire to integrate architecture into natural landscapes. When inside the dome, the structural arches draw the line of sight up the curving walls and into the open sky; the curtains can be tied back or draped over the waist-high rods to permit a gentle breeze and the sound of the ocean.

Like Puzeras, many architects and designers are working to make moveable living quarters. See more of today’s vagabonds in our recent release The New Nomads.

Images © Goda Juceviciute

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