By David Airey

Officehours illustration

I just held my first four sessions on Officehours — the free service set up by Eric Karjaluoto and Eric Shelkie of smashLAB.

The sessions are prescheduled 10 minute calls with people around the world who want advice. An on-screen timer counts down from 10 minutes and ends the call automatically.

Officehours illustration

I was asked about switching to self-employment, brand naming, setting rates… things like that. I’m not fussy, though. Ask me anything.

There are quite a few advisors giving their time to take calls on topics depending on their specialities. If you fancy becoming an advisor, read this, or if you think I can help, request one of the slots I’ve scheduled for next week.

I was interviewed for the Officehours blog, too. Catch that here.

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