By caroline

Places to Go for Travel and Leisure

Many of us want to see the world and discover places, cultures, nature, or food that will surprise us. Ideally, we’ll even surprise ourselves with how much we can be affected by such journeys. But where should we go when we want to experience something new or get away from it all? Which places will we always remember? Which moments will we never forget?

Once in a Lifetime Vol. 2 presents a diverse range of unparalleled destinations for those longing for extraordinary travel experiences, whether they are seeking an adventure or a retreat. Some will be attracted to cities—the urban flair of Vienna, the bustle of Tokyo, the rich history of Marrakech—and their sumptuous hotels. Others will want to be pampered at a wellness resort; find peace and quiet in an isolated mountain hut; fulfill a childhood dream of going on a safari; learn how to make wine; or see, hear, and smell a tropical rainforest.

Cultivate your wanderlust with this visual journey to the most beguiling get-aways in the world. Below you can find an exclusive preview of the residences you’ll find inside the book. For even more, take a closer look here.


Every year around mid-august, Namaqualand’s arid red earth starts blooming. Within days a tapestry of brilliant colors covers the region creating dramatic vistas along the winding roads of the Namaqua National Park. During the peak flower season, the Namaqua Flowers Beach camp is set up on the atlantic shore at the far end of the protected reserve. Remote and only accessible by 4×4 vehicles, the coastline combines the best of many worlds: national park, countless blooming flowers, and wild ocean vistas.



Surrounded by beauty and steeped in history, the Pumphouse Point in the far end of Tasmania was converted from a hydro station into a hotel. The presence of the 1930s building with its vaguely Georgian/ Grecian architecture floating on water in the middle of the wildness is a surreal sight that is hard to describe. Set in an ancient landscape carved by glaciers, cloaked in dense rainforest and contained within the 1.5 million-hectare Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area, the five-story complex (and industrial heritage building) was converted into a eighteen-room hotel by Simon Currant after a decade of hard work.



On a pristine stretch of Mexican coastline, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra del Madre Sur mountain range, 16 unusually chic beach bungalows dot the pristine coast north of Puerto Escondido. Together they create a luxury retreat near a charming fishing village surrounded by windswept beaches and rolling waves, an ideal location for surfers and sun worshippers. Guests can relax in a private plunge pool with a draped canvas hammock. A superb surfing destination, Puerto Escondido is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxed beachside vibe and outdoor water sports.



For barefoot luxury Mnemba Island is the perfect destination. On the northeast coast of Zanzibar, the Mnemba atoll has a treasure trove of hidden diving spots. With 10 beachside bandas scattered along the tropical island, Mnemba is possibly the closest one can get to desert island luxury. Simply run by &Beyond, the private island offers sublime pleasures on unblemished sandy beaches under the dappled shade of casuarina pine trees. Built as an intimate eco-chic resort, you can toss your shoes, dig your toes into the sand, and dine directly on the pristine beach.



Built as a palace for the King of Morocco, the Royal Mansour is a truly exceptional hotel. A triumph of artisan skills and a celebration of craftsmanship, it is a place of superlatives: from the monumental entrance—a testimony of local craftsmanship showcasing traditional cedar wood, decorative metal, and sculptured plaster work—to the intricate details that adorn almost every surface, the Royal Mansour surpasses every expectation with its opulence and luxury.



Perched in the upper floors of the Otemachi skyscraper, the modernist spaces of the Aman Hotel Tokyo are tailor-made by Australian designer Kerry Hill, who has managed to instill a quiet elegance in visual proximity to the imperial Palace gardens. Throughout the spaces high above the urban landscape, the rooms unfold as an urban interpretation of a classic ryokan: the atmosphere seems almost spiritual. Extended across the skyscaper, the swimming pool and extensive spa also draw inspiration from traditional onsen baths.



How does one go about converting an historic abbey into a hotel? What might seem fanciful was a reality for Canadian architect, Sanjit Manku and French designer, Patrick Jouin, who were commissioned with the task of refurbishing the historically listed interiors of Fontevraud Abbey and Saint Lazare priory, which date back to the middle ages. Manku said: “We wanted them to understand more about the life of the abbey, to embrace simple pleasures, experience comfort while respecting the natural weight of silence that inhabits the volumes.”


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