The iPhone X was a big risk for Apple, because of the removal of the Home button and its heavy reliance on gestures, but it’s clear to me that Apple succeeded in making it work. After using the iPhone X day-to-day for almost four weeks, I’ve become well-accustomed to it as my daily driver.

At its core, the iPhone X is basically an enhanced iPhone 8, but its reliance on gestures, significantly reduced bezels, TrueDepth Camera, and OLED display make it look, feel, and at times, perform like an entirely new device. There are other things to consider as well: the glass and metal design, and upgraded telephoto camera hardware, to name a few.

For as much flack as Apple has received for the iPhone X’s so-called notch, and some of the nagging issues that continue to persist throughout iOS, the release is nonetheless a remarkable achievement. more…

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Author: Jeff Benjamin

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