With the iMac Pro officially going on sale yesterday, we now know more about Apple’s powerful, professional-oriented all-in-one desktop. The most exciting new thing about the iMac Pro, besides the fact that it comes with a cool new Space Gray housing and matching accessories, is that it’s the first iMac model to feature more than a quad-core processor.

Multicore processors are all the rage these days for so-called prosumers, and for good reason — they provide a lot more processing power for apps that can wield that additional power in parallel, and the cost-barrier to entry, led by AMD’s Ryzen CPUs, has been lowered. Video editing workflows with Final Cut Pro X instantly come to mind, but developers are also a big part of the equation, as more cores can provide significantly faster compilation times.

But what if you’re on a budget? — I know, silly question when you consider that the entry-level model starts at $4999. However, there is one particular iMac Pro SKU that stands out to me above all of the rest. The 10-core iMac Pro, at least on paper, seems like the sweet spot. more…

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Author: Jeff Benjamin

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