By Eliza Williams

It’s almost the weekend… Surely it’s time to create a smoothie in an exact Pantone shade?

The brainchild of Mother New York art director Hedvig A Kushner, the Pantone Smoothie website features recipes to help you make fruity drinks in Pantone colours. The site features beautiful photography by Michael Kushner and is described by Hedvig as a “delicious colour experiment”.



“I make a lot of smoothies and noticed it kinda works like mixing paint,” writes Hedvig on the site. “Add a strawberry, get a hot pink hue, add some spinach and get a subtle green. Pantone Smoothies is an artsy little project seeking an answer to the question: is it possible to create tasty smoothies in any Pantone colour?

“The process is pretty simple,” she continues. “I buy coloured paper from a local art store, match it to a Pantone swatch, and make the smoothie to match whatever colour the swatch is. Me and Mike photograph the fruit lay downs and smoothies using the coloured paper as a backdrop, in a light box in the office basement.”

Tasty. I’m off to make a Pantone 4665, perhaps with an added shot of rum – so long as it doesn’t ruin the colour.

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