Ever met anyone that doesn’t appreciate a good old game of pinball? No? Me neither. Pinball has long been a staple of our lives, from arcades to dive bars, the addition of the pop cultural icon never goes amiss.

And this sentiment is very much mirrored by Alain Schibli, the inventor of Makerball – a DIY pinball machine kit for adults that is both a tool and a toy. He explains: “I’ve always liked playing pinball and wanted to own my own pinball machine, but I never had the means to buy one.

“Used models weren’t an option either because I wouldn’t know how to repair them. And I couldn’t decide which kind of machine I wanted anyway. So I came up with the idea of Makerball: an affordable, simple and versatile DIY pinball machine.”

In contrast to the pinball machines we’re accustomed to, complete with flashing lights and sound effects, Makerball is slightly more lo-fi. Pitched as an antidote to stress, here, the rolling ball becomes an object of meditation. Mindfulness and concentration are encouraged to combat the sensory overload of our busy lives. A fantastic idea.

The product was launched on Kickstarter earlier this year, and successfully raised the funds it needed. So watch this space!

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Author: Laura Collinson

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