By Laura Collinson

Getting kids to eat their greens can be a nightmare. You can try the classic aeroplane trick and land the food in the unwilling child’s mouth. Or you can promise a new toy if they behave. But many children would rather chew on their stuffed toys than sample the delights of fruit and veg. Thankfully, the clever duo behind MapleApple have solved the issue with Play Food.

Comprising a collection of knitted foodstuff, items include a chilli, lemon, pumpkin, radish and beetroot, all hand-lovingly crafted and toddler-proof. Available individually or as part of a set, the healthy non-edible snacks provide an alternative to plastic and wooden toy kitchen accessories.

The brightly coloured knits certainly look good enough to eat, so just remember, they’re for playtime only. To see more, visit MapleApple on Etsy.

Via Colossal

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