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Clean Modern Resume Set

Competition has become the standard in today’s world. Irrespective of the domain that you are from, be it design, development or even insurance, standing apart from the crowd has become essential for every professional. And when it comes to distinguishing yourself from the rest of the lot, your best bet will be to focus on having a proper resume.

Question is, what makes a proper resume? Of course, credentials do matter, and your resume should speak for itself in terms of your expertise and job profile. But apart from that, presentation of your resume is another crucial, and often overlooked, aspect that can help your resume shine. In this article, I will be sharing some resume writing tips that will help you get the job that you’ve always wanted. Plus, I have also enlisted some top resume templates to help you get started!

Resume Writing Tips

There exists no golden rule when it comes to building the perfect resume, so first up, let us focus on some resume writing tips and best practices:

1. Ease of Use

Simply put, your resume should make your and your employer’s life easier. Having a cluttered resume with overloaded information or poor typeface will serve just one purpose: annoy the hiring manager or HR staff. It goes without saying that you wouldn’t wish to do that.

The secret here is to mention details that are relevant, and stop right there. Omit or eliminate details that are not directly or indirectly related to the job you are applying for. For instance, I do have a political magazine that I edit and a political blog that I write for; but you wouldn’t find them in my resume or my bio if I am writing for a design blog and/or applying for a developer’s position. Why? Because these activities of mine are not relevant here.

Minimalism is another key aspect that can help your resume stand apart. Try to focus on the user experience of your resume: it should be appealing and user friendly, with bonus points for interactivity. Your cover letter, or the statement of purpose, should address the position in question, and come straight to the point.

2. A Focused Approach

Your resume should talk about your accomplishments, not just your experience. Instead of focusing on what your previous job was about, emphasize on what you did in your previous job. Similarly, instead of talking about your job functions, focus on the challenges you faced and how you tackled them.

In other words, rather than relying on generic descriptions, you should go with unique accounts of your career so far.

3. The Branding

Since your career is not a tale of black text over white paper, the resume that narrates your career shouldn’t be so either. Your resume should highlight and bring out your USP as a professional — what you have done so far, what you are capable of accomplishing, and how you are different and better from your competitors!

Look at your resume as a marketing opportunity. This is your chance to create a personal brand for yourself. Maybe add samples of your works, a photograph, or even some color. Just be sure that your resume is something that can be used to *identify* you.

4. Design Considerations

Of course, a resume should have a proper design — one that makes it both intuitive and impressive.

Having columns for organizing your achievements is a tried and tested layout when it comes to resumes. The column layout can also help you make use of whitespace to the fullest, thereby utilizing the space and presenting information in an uncluttered manner. Colors, on the other hand, should be used leniently, albeit not too generously either. Staying up to date with the latest design trends comes handy here: a clean and flat resume design, for instance, is what’s in vogue nowadays.

Resume Design Styles & Templates

We shall now take a look at some of the trending resume templates from across Envato Market. Resume templates, in general, are a product of the prevailing trends in terms of design. Be it a web-based or print template, you will find them all here!

Minimal Resume Design

First up, we will start with a good dose of minimalism, the one design trend that just refuses to ever go out of fashion. You cannot go wrong if you opt for a minimal template for your resume, simply because minimalism allows your content (your work profile in this case) to speak for itself:

Clean Modern Resume Set (PSD) by SmashingResume.
A Resume - For EveryoneA Resume – For Everyone (PSD & INDD) by bouncy.
Simple Professional Resume TemplateSimple, Professional Resume Template (INDD) by lachlanfea.
Resume Classic and ModernResume Classic and Modern (PSD, AI, PSD & INDD) by silukEight.

Clean Content-Centric Resume Design

What about a nice touch of cleanliness, with as little decorations as possible? Oh yes, a content-centric resume template that is a treat to look at!

A clean resume template is the de facto standard when it comes to having a design that shouts of professionalism and dexterity. Try to grab one that has good typography, and be assured, your resume will stand two steps ahead of the rest:

Minimalistic Resume Template (PSD) by dgas99.
CV/Resume Mock-UpCV/Resume Mock-Up (PSD) by IDsains.
Clean CVClean CV (PSD & MS Word) by khaledzz9.

Creative Resume Templates

Now, on to some creativity! A creative resume template does not essentially mean that it is flashy and too decorative. Instead, the design and layout in question is not entirely minimal, and there are subtle design elements to go with your content. In other words, such resume templates tend to have a layout and design that employs design elements to highlight the main content.

Creative Designer SetCreative Designer Set (PSD) by JorgeLima.
Creative Designer SetBundle – Metro Resumes (PSD) by bouncy.
Info ResumeInfo Resume (INDD) by ikonome.

These are especially useful if you wish to have a very unique look for your resume and are looking to create a personal brand by means of its unique design:

Web-Based Resume Templates

Of course, this is the era of the internet, and paper is a dying medium. Online portfolio and resume websites are always a good idea, especially because more and more employers are now using the internet to streamline and improve the hiring process.

Among such templates, you can either set up your own portfolio by means of WordPress themes, or just have a one-pager resume for yourself. In any case, try to pick a template or theme that is both responsive and retina ready, simply because mobile devices have become the norm. Plus, Parallax can also be helpful for one-pager portfolio or resume websites:

Chulan - Personal Portfolio & Resume WordPress ThemeChulan – Personal Portfolio & Resume WordPress Theme.
Vertica - Resume & Portfolio Web TemplateVertica – Resume & Portfolio Web Template.
PerfectCV - Responsive Resume WordPress ThemePerfectCV – Responsive Resume WordPress Theme.
Clean CV – Responsive Resume Web TemplateClean CV – Responsive Resume Web Template.


That brings us to the end of this post. What do you think of the above templates as well as the tips? Share your thoughts with us using the comments below!

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Header Image: Business Concept in Flat Style by nindze.

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