Twenty-nine-year-old photographer, Justin M. Zoll, is offering something slightly out of the ordinary with his series of microscopic images. Taking crystalised substances such as amino acids, MDMA, Vitamin C, aspirin and caffeine, and placing them under the lens of his microscope, Justin captures vibrant patterns.

He explains: “I’ve always been very interested in science. Though I didn’t study it in school, this has been a fantastic way to merge this interest with my passion for photography.

“I try to lend a landscape photographer’s eye to these microworlds. I’m constantly fascinated by the endless forms produced by nature on this microscopic scale. All work is done with a microscope in my bedroom.

“The colours are the result of polarising filters over the light source and above the sample which interacts with the birefringent properties of the crystals. These are not digitally manipulated images.”

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Laura Collinson

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