By Lovely Package


Designed by Studio–JQ | Country: United Kingdom

“I’ve always been fascinated with crisps packaging and ahead of starting a new packaging project this week, I wanted to give myself a quick fun branding exercise. I wanted to develop my own brand ‘QUINTINS&CO’ and to give it a modern edge and look with catchy brand names and a lively and diverse colour range. Supporting this are abstract shapes and symbols to finish the look. What’s your favorite flavour?

lovely-package-quintins-and-co-6 lovely-package-quintins-and-co-2 lovely-package-quintins-and-co-4 lovely-package-quintins-and-co-3 lovely-package-quintins-and-co-5 lovely-package-quintins-and-co-7 lovely-package-quintins-and-co-8 lovely-package-quintins-and-co-9

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