By Laura Collinson

There’s something beautiful in the simplicity of this photography series by Sydney-based, Peechaya Burroughs. An exploration of human relationships with both self expression and self reflection, the images offer a curated view of the photographer’s own personality.

Burroughs’ first foray into the world of art came via an interest in painting and drawing as a child. After majoring in art at school, the photographer undertook a BA in Fine Art at Bangkok University.

Of her photography work, she explains: “My photographs mainly consist of things that I create or manipulate by hand. Occasionally I use Photoshop when enhancing the idea and presentation of an image fits well.

“Driven by childhood memories and very much fascinated by children’s imagination and their quirkiness, the direction of my photography is light, easy to approach with a little touch of everyday optimism.”

With over 95,000 followers on Instagram, we’re clearly not the only fans of the bright and uplifting photographs. Discover more on Behance, and Instagram.

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