By Mark Sinclair


Combining the animation style of Camberwick Green, the classic children’s programme created in 1966 by puppeteer Gordon Murray and animators John Hardwick and Bob Bura, with a decidedly sinister edge, Burn the Witch is a dark, folkoric tale just in time for May Day.

Directed by Chris Hopewell, the film builds to its troubling conclusion via stabbing Steve Reich-like strings and ritualistic scenes featuring ducking stools, gallows and bunting.

Hopewell has previously worked on animated videos for Radiohead (There There) and The Knife (Marble House), among others – and heads up his own design company, Jacknife (the production company on the Burn the Witch film).

Over the weekend, Radiohead fans in the UK were sent messages in the post bearing the phrases ‘Sing the song of sixpence that goes burn the witch’ and ‘We know where you live’, pertaining to be from the band, according to

Director – Chris Hopewell. Producer – Rosie Lea Brind. Editor – Ben Foley. DOP – Jon Davey. Art Director & production designer – Chris Hopewell. Post effects and grading – Ben Foley at Buckloop. Key Animators – Virpi Kettu, Louie Mc Namara, Oli Putland. Animators – Aaron Hopewell, Andrew Stuart, Rosie Lea Brind, Chris Hopewell. Set construction – Holly Jo Beck. Puppets and props – Elaine Andrew, Virpi Kettu, Bonnie Griffin, Lucy Roberts, Ash Clarke, Ella Baraclough, Bec Coates, Rosie Lea Brind, Chris Hopewell, Andrew Stuart. Production company – Jacknife

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