As COO, Jen Wong will also be in charge of Reddit’s diversity efforts.

Reddit has hired Jen Wong, a media executive and former COO of Time Inc., to be its new COO; Reddit hopes she will help build the company into a legitimate digital advertising business.

Wong has a lot of experience in the world of digital media. Before Time Inc., she worked at AOL and then digital lifestyle company PopSugar, where she was chief business officer. (When Wong left Time Inc. in January after the company’s $1.8 billion sale to Meredith, she received a nice golden parachute of almost $6.8 million.)

Now she’ll be tasked with helping to grow Reddit’s advertising business — the company’s blog post says she’ll “oversee business strategy” — which is in its infancy. Reddit still manually approves all ads that run on its service, for example, so it has a long way to go.

On top of that, Wong will be in charge of “diversity and inclusion” at Reddit, reporting directly to CEO Steve Huffman.

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