By nathan

Can We Manufacture Beauty?

French photographer Alain Cornu painstakingly ordered and arranged identical objects into picture-perfect grids in his series Repetition. Though crisp, clean, and beautifully shot, the objects in each array are showcased with a distanced sterility. In their homogeneity, each individual teacup or sponge in Cornu’s photographs move the sets as a whole further away from impulses of desire, disgust, or any other emotional responses. “Can we rationalize our fantasies, our fears?” Cornu asks in his artist statement. “Can we produce desire and pleasure on the line?”

Many young photographers, illustrators, and designers are arranging and rearranging the objects in their lives to make sense of the world. Discover more work from this new generation in our book Visual Families.

Images © Alain Cornu

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