By Becci Sharpe

Singapore is an island like no other. A dense urban jungle, the crowded buildings of this modern city inspired one local resident to turn amateur photographer, setting out to capture the face and personality of the local architecture.

Lim Meng Jin uses photography as an escape from day-to-day office life. In 1999 Meng began exploring landscape and architectural photography, developing a passion for the characters of urban buildings, which makes up this on-going photo series.

The title ‘Residensity’ is a play on the dense city layout. A global hub for commerce, finance and transport, the country is host to towering skyscrapers as well as tropical gardens of the most contemporary design. As these image show, from lavish towers to office blocks to public housing apartments, style and colour play important roles. Gentle pastel tones or even bright colour blocks appear across all buildings. It’s these little details that reveal the personality, allowing these photographs to really show the faces of Singapore’s architecture.

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