IK Multimedia has released loads of new generation products for portable and mobile musicians over the last 12 months. From the iRig HD 2 condenser mic and the sub-$100 iRig Pre guitar interface, to the new Syntronik for Mac/iOS, IK has something for everyone this holiday season. Back in August, the company debuted its latest MIDI controller product known as iRig Keys I/O. As expected with IK, this appeared to come along with everything you could want in a sub $300 controller, but this time around IK decided to take it one step further with a more all-in-one approach.

The controller keyboard-meets-audio interface brings a lot to the table for the price tag, but is it all a little too good to be true? We decided to put the company’s latest flagship driver to the test over the last couple weeks in a typical home studio environment across a number of different projects. Head below to find out more… more…

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Author: Justin Kahn

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