By Eliza Williams

Samsung Blind Cap aids blind Olympic swimmers

Currently blind swimmers rely on a rudimentary method to know when they should turn in the pool: their coach physically taps them with a pole when they are approaching the end of a lap. Created in collaboration with the Spanish Paralympic Committee and Cheil Spain, the Samsung Blind Cap is fitted with a vibrating sensor to alert blind swimmers at the precise moment they need to do a turn.

The sensor contains Bluetooth technology and is activated by an app available on Android phones or the new Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. The swimmer’s coach is still vital – they activate the device – but it removes the need for a ‘tapper’, which is the method which has been used since swimming for the blind was established as an official Paralympic sport in 1960.

The film below demonstrates the product in more detail:

The Samsung Blind Cap is currently being tested by the Spanish Paralympics team, and the innovation has been submitted to the IOC for approval. If it passes, it will be available ahead of the Rio Olympics later this year.

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