By Eliza Williams

The original Most Shocking Second film placed the events of Syria in 2011-14 onto the streets of London, with a view to trying to raise empathy for the plight of refugees by asking people to imagine how we would feel if the war was happening closer to home.

The central character of the first film reappears here and we watch as life gets increasingly desperate for her, as she becomes separated from her family and flees the country by boat. And while this particular story might be fiction, the knowledge that it is based on the real experiences of refugees makes it incredibly moving.

The original Most Shocking Second a Day film was a huge viral success, gaining over 52 million YouTube views in a year. Let’s hope this follow up is as successful in spreading Save The Children’s important message.

Agency: Don’t Panic
Creative director: Richard Beer
Director: Tom Green
Production company: Stink

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