By Katy Cowan

In her ongoing project Secret Friends, Spanish photographer and illustrator AnaHell aims to poke fun at everyday life by quite literally bending over backwards to make us smile. Illustrating her own back or willing models’, she creates amusing little characters that she then photographs in various situations.

From a trip on public transport and waiting for the next train to eating dinner at home and getting ready for work, her bizarre but wonderful images bend reality and create a new dimension in the midst of ordinary life.

Taking place all around the world, playing with clichés, documenting the cities and places that people live in – Secret Friends mixes fantasy with documentary-style photography to create images that have a strong duality of the real and the surreal.

She explains: “As a study in art and photography I aim to find a different point of view of normal situations, a little twist that changes everything. I’m fascinated by opposites, the rawness of reality versus the absurdity of it all.”

Via Design Crush | All images copyright AnaHell

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