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For developers around the world, Sublime Text is often pitched as one of the best code editors. Owing to its simple user interface, intuitive approach, faster performance and customization tweaks, Sublime Text easily outwits other text editors for coders and developers.

Sublime Text is also an ideal candidate for working with WordPress. In this post, I will show you how to set up Sublime Text for WordPress development, and share the packages (plugins) that will help you get the most out of the code editor.

But first, let us have a quick look at what makes Sublime Text so awesome.

Sublime Text: A Look at Its Features

Sublime Text is not popular without a reason. For example, here is what it can do for you:

  • It offers support view across different columns, so it means you can code across multiple tabs without having to change the tab.
  • Open Source!
  • Since Sublime Text is open source; it is backed by a gigantic number of plugins, packages, or addons to help you extend its functionality and do more with it.
  • Sublime Text autosaves in cache, so even if your machine shuts down abruptly, your code will not be lost.
  • It is lightweight and has a simple user interface, so you need not worry about editors that are bloatware or have a steep learning curve.
  • Of course, that not all it can do, there’s much, much more to it. But as you can see, it is a nimble and straightforward code editor, and these very features make it the perfect candidate for WordPress development. However, one such feature does stand apart from the rest: the concept of packages.

    Simply put, packages are to Sublime Text what plugins are to WordPress. They let you do more and code bigger and better things in Sublime Text. Thus, if you wish to enhance your code editor’s prowess, packages are something that you should take a look at!

    If you’re completely new to Sublime Text, Tuts+ have published a FREE course that covers everything from showing you how to install and ultimately master the editor. Check it out here: Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text.

    So, now that we have established why Sublime Text is a really good choice for WordPress development, let us look at the tools and solutions that can make it even better suited for WordPress developers.

    Sublime Text: Packages for WordPress Development

    Now, before going any further, you will need to install Package Control because this is how your code editor will interact with and support new packages. Installation is pretty easy, and you can follow the official documentation here.

    With that out of the way, let us spend some time looking at the useful packages for setting up a WordPress development environment using Sublime Text.


    The name is self-explanatory, so there is not much to talk about here. WordPress offers autocomplete functionality for several WordPress functions, hooks, constants and classes.

    WordPress Developer Resources

    WordPress Developer Resources lets you access the official WordPress Codex and their developer channel from right within the code editor interface. You can use the command line, or directly from the Tools menu to bring up the official Codex docs for WordPress.


    SublimeLinter 3

    SublimeLinter 3 is a simple plugin for Sublime Text. It offers real-time scanning of PHP code as you type along. Obviously, this is a must-have solution for PHP developers and WordPress developers, as it can save you a lot of time and efforts by locating common PHP errors right away.

    While SublimeLinter 3 is meant for PHP development, it can also be tweaked to work with other programming languages, including JavaScript.

    PHP Code Sniffer

    Yet another useful solution, PHP Code Sniffer makes sure that your code complies with the standard coding practices, including the WordPress coding standards. Not just that, it also highlights non-standard compliant code and suggest appropriate fixes.


    DocBlockr makes the process of writing documentation for your code a breeze. It supports both PHP and JavaScript, and can simplify the documentation process, giving you more time to focus on your code.


    As the name suggests, SASS adds support for SASS, so if you wish to use SASS in your WordPress theme or plugin, this package is a must-have!

    To make things even easier for you, Tuts+ have published a handy round-up of useful shortcuts that will improve your workflow in Sublime Text 3.


    Using Sublime Text for WordPress development is a good choice, and more and more developers are jumping on the bandwagon. The fact that this editor is versatile and fully open-source means that you can completely customize it as per your needs.

    If you are a WordPress developer, have you given Sublime Text a try? What other packages would you recommend for WordPress developers that are just getting started with Sublime Text?

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