The 225,000 digital subscribers to the NYT puzzle section will have to buy a copy of tomorrow’s paper to get their fix.

Tomorrow, the New York Times will publish the largest crossword puzzle in the newspaper’s history — and it will only be available in print.

Digital subscribers will have to buy a copy of tomorrow’s paper to access the puzzle section, which takes up 16 pages of newsprint, including a 728-clue, 50×50-square crossword puzzle. It’s five times the size of the average New York Times Sunday crossword, puzzle master Will Shortz said on the Times Insider podcast.

After all, not everything that’s fit to print also makes sense online.

Jake Silverstein reminding readers print can be fun.

— Edmund Lee (@edmundlee) December 17, 2016

Largest crossword in history of NYT, now loose in the wild (shown with clementine for scale).

— Jake Silverstein (@jakesilverstein) December 17, 2016

Tomorrow’s puzzle section will also include a full-color visual puzzle by Walter Wick, the photographer behind the “I Spy” picture-book series, challenging readers to count the number of marbles in a photograph of marbles and mirrors. There will also be logic games, visual quizzes, smaller crosswords and sudoku, Shortz said.

The Times’ crossword section has more than 225,000 digital subscribers; Shortz noted that both print and digital subscribers have to pay extra to access the puzzle online.

If you do decide to take a stab at the massive crossword tomorrow, remember to use an analog pencil.

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Author: April Glaser

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