By Katy Cowan

If there’s one place in Tokyo where you can really sit back and enjoy watching the world go by, then it has to be Shibuya. One of twenty-three city wards, it’s the most colourful and bustling of them all and it’s packed with shopping, nightclubs, flashing neon lights everywhere you look and a swarm of people that enjoy visiting the area every single day. It is literally a street photographer’s dream.

In his series Shibuya, Singapore photographer Nguan snapped a collection of candid portraits around one of Japan’s busiest transport hubs – in and around the famous Shibuya Crossing. He said: “It’s about the people of Tokyo finding their way in the city. It’s also a typography of glances – a staring contest that only ends when someone blinks.”

Speaking from experience, nothing prepares you for Tokyo, or indeed Japan. It’s a beautiful country with a fascinating culture, and these photographs really do capture its spirit. From the effects of capitalism, crushing itself onto every corner of the city’s streets to the strange and wonderful merger of traditional and modern life – Nguan’s images tell such a vivid story of what is the biggest city in the world.

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