so, l.a has a new best building. i say that objectively. the tea house in griffith park.  

it’s as flawless a building as exists anywhere in l.a. it’s an art project, a beautifully constructed little tea house in a very remote part of griffith park (which, by the way, is the largest urban park in the world, so by ‘remote’ it’s actually truly ‘remote’).

it was built surreptitiously by artists, using redwoods that were damaged in one of the griffith park fires. it’s a calm, humble, beautiful little tea house.

and it’s l.a’s best building (i also say that hoping that somehow using a little hyperbole will keep it from being torn down).

and to that end, please do what you can to keep it from being torn down.

here’s a petition:

and if you want to find it, well, go to dante’s view near the top of the park and keep going.  it’s on the north side of the park about a mile or so due east of the hollywood sign.

it’s worth the trip, honestly.


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