By Guest Author

Social Media Marketing Safety and Protection Techniques

Ever since MySpace, social media has been developing into one of the most important customer acquisition and marketing tools around. The ability to speak directly with consumers, for eCommerce and brick and mortar stores alike, has opened up so many opportunities to make lasting connections.

The sad thing for marketers is that as the value of their social media accounts has risen to them, it has also risen in value in the eyes of hackers. A hacked social media account can result in humiliation, and the theft of valuable information about your company and your followers.

How do hacks of social media accounts happen? Any number of reasons:

• An employee falls for a phishing scam.
• Public WiFi results in a data leak.
• Old apps aren’t updated with new security measures.
• Failing to use and update security software.

Those are four common ways, but there are others. For common ways that hacks happen, which you can fix yourself and protect your business and your fans on social media, keep reading!

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