By Katy Cowan

Remember that pivotal scene in Men in Black (spoiler alert) when Agent L realises that there’s an entire galaxy inside a glass sphere on the cat, Orion’s collar? Well you’re going to love glass artist Satoshi Tomizu who crafts small glass spheres that contain their own solar systems and galaxies.

If you look closely at each of his artworks, you’ll see that planets are made of opals and flecks of real gold, along with coloured glass specks to twist and turn as though they’re something right out of the Milky Way. Even though these images make the spheres appear quite large, they’re actually shot in macro view – because the pieces are in fact very small and include a glass loop on each one so that they can be transformed into a pendant.

It’s no surprise that Tomizu’s glass work recently won an Atelier Nova Design Award. Check out more of his work over on Facebook and make sure you watch the video below to see how these stunning glass spheres are made.

Via Colossal

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