Peckham-based artist, graffiti writer and contemporary artist Remi Rough stands apart from other street art-leaning practitioners in that his work is often referred to as “visual symphonies”, thanks to his keen eye for the geometrical treatment of form, colour, line and space, and inspired by avant-garde movements such as Suprematism and Italian Futurism.

His work is concerned with the idea of “re-imagining the experience of movement”, making a conscious effort to actively participate in the world through art. His skill and playfulness have seen him work across the world: pieces have included adorning walls in the MB6 Marrakech Biennale, the DC Mural Project in Washington, the Dubai Sole Dxb as well as more local projects such as the Ghost Village in Scotland and the facade of the Megaro Hotel in central London. He is also represented by galleries in Paris Switzerland and Los Angeles though continues to make work from his studio in Peckham, south London.

The Marrakech Biennale piece marked the first time urban art had been included in the event’s programme, and Rough was chosen alongside 11 other leading street artists for the MB6 Street Art parallel project.

“I was invited to participate in the first Walls of Bellinzona mural festival,” he explains of the project for Bellinzona, Switzerland. “We received a huge amount of press as this area had never had anything like this kind of thing before. Switzerland is already pretty beautiful so you have to impress the Swiss if your going to try and add something on top of that.”

Megaro Project – 2102 Agents of Change London

Traffic Design Festival – 2013 Collaboration with Nawer Gdynia

Morocco Street Art Caravane – 2016 Collaboration with Jason System Youssoufia

Wide Open Walls – 2014 Gambia

Remi Rough in front of his mural MB6 Street Art photo © Ian Cox 2016

Bellinzona, Switzerland

Remi Rough – Street Generation(s) – La Condition Publique – Photo Stephane Bisseuil – 20170326-L1000023 copie

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Author: Emily Gosling

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