By nathan

The Artist Takes Cut-and-Paste Mash-Ups from the Sheets to the Streets

Artist Zé Vicente eschews collaging’s reputation as a two-dimensional art form. Instead, he fits carefully cut magazine clippings into the cityscape of Sao Paolo and documents the juxapositions as photographs—a selection of which were submitted to our Creative Pool. Each image brings light to quiet moments in our everyday landscapes, as Vicente works with the potholes and piles of rubble that are easily overlooked. Composed of antiquated magazine cut-outs, Vicente’s collages reintroduces outdated images to the public circuit and imagines new possibilites for their renewed relevance.

A new generation of artists around the world is pushing the boundaries of collage with fresh ideas, new techniques, and innovative images. Meet them in our recent release The Age of Collage Vol. 2.

Images © Zé Vincente

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