Beautiful blue skies form a pleasing backdrop against pink and grey buildings in this stunning photo series by Giorgio Stefanoni. Through his series Unknown Geometries, the Italian art director and designer takes us on a journey through the shapes and colours of the lesser-known architecture in Milan.

“I just wanted to slow down, to have a break, to fight the anxiety that gives me an increasing and uncontrolled physical and virtual humane presence,” explains Stefanoni. “An Italian author, Michele Serra, invented the word ‘fralluogo’ to indicate the space between two actions, two events, two things to do or two people to know, that everyone should give to themselves and to others for surviving in this crowded, fast and often shallow digital era.

“These images are my personal ‘fralluoghi’ (places between), modern architecture borrowed for a therapeutic purpose. Geometric shapes and bright colours of an unreal city where time doesn’t exist, the space is shrunk, the physical distances are reduced and, at the same time, the psychological distances increased. Aesthetic images as visual fragments of an experiment.”

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Katy Cowan

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