By Eliza Williams

Prince's Trust 40 years print ad

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Prince’s Trust, which offers help for young people aged 13 to 30 to get into jobs, education and training, CHI & Partners has created this new film, which subtly demonstrates how the charity has changed lives.

There is a temptation always for charities to go down a shock route, but this ad stands out due to its more measured approach. To begin with, the differences between the two lives depicted in the spot appear minor – it is almost just down to a variation in mood – but by the end the contrast is stark. The parallel lives approach then cleverly continues to the final frame, where viewers are invited to click through to help if they recognise the life depicted on the left of the film or to seek help if it is the life on the right hand side that resonates.

The sliding doors style then continues in the print campaign (perhaps with less subtlety but they only have one frame to sum up the message), examples of which are shown below:

Agency: CHI&Partners
ECD: Jonathan Burley
Creative directors: Danny Hunt, Gavin Torrance
Production company: Smuggler (TV); Siobhan Squire (Print)
Director: Miles Jay
Photographer: Ben Stockley
Editing/Post-production: MPC, Work Editorial, Paperhat FTP

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