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All this week we’re looking back at our judges’ favourite images from the CR Photography Annual 2014. Here, Wallpaper*’s Sarah Douglas explains why she loved a surreal series by Paweł Fabjański

With entries now open for the 2015 Creative Review Photography Annual, we are looking back at the big winners from last year.



Paweł Fabjański’s series was shot for an artbook on the Polish Film School. It depicts interiors of the university buildings in Łódź and was created with set designer Zuza Słomińska.

Sarah Douglas of Wallpaper* explains why she chose it as one of our Best in Books: “This series of images stood out for me: I find them incredibly emotive, they drew me in. They feel like they have a personal relationship with the space, which I found compelling.”


“The seemingly empty, uninhabited spaces, are actually alive with everyday objects such as pencils, chairs, paper. These objects end up taking on a life of their own. The architectural and slightly unusual structures created in the photographs make them surreal, eerie and beautiful. There’s something very timeless about the images. The aesthetics, furniture and use of colour summon up the past, yet they are also utterly contemporary.”

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