By nathan

Paritzki & Liani Architects Draw Inspiration from the Three-Part Homes of Jaffa

The T/A House in Tel Aviv is segmented into three volumes defined by four parallel walls running through the estate’s long and narrow grounds. Designed by Tel Aviv-based firm Paritzki & Liani Architects, the blueprint references the architectural vernacular of the three-part plan that is popular in Jaffa. The openings and apertures that punctuate both the internal and external walls in the T/A House vary widely in their shape and size. Some offer a smooth transitional space connecting the family’s personal gallery with the garden bordering the house; others frame the clean right angles and structured profile. The glazed white walls and smooth marble floors belie the house’s coziness: tight corners and off-centered windows create moments of distraction from the high ceilings and flying staircases, offering quiet spaces within the tri-part layout.

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Images © Amit Geron

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