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Bootswatch 4 officially arrives

2018-03-29T03:06:01+02:00March 29th, 2018|Categories: News, Tutorials|Tags: |

The official release of Bootstrap 4 finally arrived this past January, and with that came a nice update to the Bootswatch themes. Check out the Bootstrap blog for a run-down of the changes in 4.0.0 including new utility classes, fresh docs, and more examples. Bootswatch:Go to Source Author: Powered by WPeMatico

Bootswatch 4 plus five new themes

2017-11-08T03:01:46+01:00November 8th, 2017|Categories: News, Tutorials|Tags: |

We’re pleased to announce that Bootswatch has been updated for Bootstrap version 4.0.0-beta.2.ChangesThe update introduces a slew of changes to the underlying Bootstrap framework, including simplified markup, a jump from LESS to SASS, the addition and subtraction of several components. You can see a rundown of Bootstrap 4′s changes here.Bootswatch themes have been updated to [...]

Changes to Bootswatch API

2016-11-24T11:08:22+01:00November 24th, 2016|Categories: News, Tutorials|Tags: |

If you’re using the Bootswatch API, please update your request to https://bootswatch.com/api/3.json. The old endpoint will cease to exist on December 16, 2015.Up to this point, the API has been made available through AppFog. However, they recently announced that they’ll be retiring the free tier this December. Big thanks to AppFog for the service they provided.The new [...]

Material design in Bootstrap with Paper

2017-06-07T08:50:16+02:00November 24th, 2016|Categories: News, Tutorials|Tags: |

Paper brings the material design’s principles of transformation and movement to Bootstrap. Best of all, Paper’s animations are implemented in pure CSS, meaning no custom markup or JS is needed. In case you missed them, here’s a quick tour of these effects in action.ButtonsWhen hovering over a button, a shadow edges in. On click, the shadow fills [...]