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Here’s why some Silicon Valley families should remain nervous about the college admissions scandal

2019-04-18T03:04:26+02:00April 18th, 2019|Categories: News, Social Media|Tags: |

Who is next? It has been a month since the college admissions scandal erupted out of nowhere, implicating 33 parents on criminal charges related to a long-running scheme that prosecutors say was led by William “Rick” Singer to fraudulently land their children at some of America’s top colleges. The story has largely moved on to [...]

Ford CTO Ken Washington explains why self-driving cars are such a hard tech problem

2019-04-18T03:04:24+02:00April 18th, 2019|Categories: News, Social Media|Tags: |

And why Tesla’s so-called Autopilot features are not really “self-driving.” Five years ago at the Code Conference, self-driving cars seemed as though they were just around the corner: Google unveiled the project that would later become Waymo, and Uber’s then-CEO Travis Kalanick stirred controversy when he talked about the benefits of replacing human drivers. But [...]

Netflix makes up nearly 30 percent of global streaming video subscriptions

2019-04-17T03:04:26+02:00April 17th, 2019|Categories: News, Social Media|Tags: |

The streaming video company now has 155 million total subscribers globally. Netflix has 148 million paying users around the globe, up 26 percent from the same quarter last year and in line with analyst expectations, according to the streaming video company’s latest earnings report. When you add free trials to active subscriptions, the streaming company [...]

Netflix is booming internationally, but its growth is slowing in the US

2019-04-17T03:04:25+02:00April 17th, 2019|Categories: News, Social Media|Tags: |

The streaming company added 9.6 million subscribers last quarter — and it says it isn’t worried about Apple or Disney. Netflix continues to grow at an astonishing pace around the world: The streaming video company added 9.6 million paid subscribers in the first three months of this year and now has nearly 149 million subscribers. That [...]

Twitter says it’s getting better at detecting abusive tweets without your help

2019-04-17T03:04:24+02:00April 17th, 2019|Categories: News, Social Media|Tags: |

Twitter is using technology to catch more bad tweets. Twitter can be a terrible, hateful place. It’s why the company has promised over and over and over again that it plans to clean up its service and fight user abuse. Part of the problem with that cleanup effort, though, has been that Twitter predominantly relies [...]

Silicon Valley Democrats aren’t sure who they want as their nominee

2019-04-17T03:04:22+02:00April 17th, 2019|Categories: News, Social Media|Tags: |

Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, and Cory Booker are battling it out in the fundraising streets of Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley’s biggest Democratic donors are still wrestling with which candidate they want to support in the upcoming primary. There is no clear frontrunner among the donor class, according to the first fundraising snapshot released Monday. Tech [...]

Europe is passing strict new copyright laws that could hurt companies like Facebook and Google

2019-04-17T03:04:21+02:00April 17th, 2019|Categories: News, Social Media|Tags: |

Facebook and Google could soon be forced to pay more creators for the content that appears on their sites. Facebook and YouTube will soon face strict new copyright laws across Europe that could impact what content users share on social media. The new rules, which were initially proposed more than two years ago but were [...]

New immigration rules could prevent our next Elon Musk

2019-04-16T03:04:25+02:00April 16th, 2019|Categories: News, Social Media|Tags: |

Silicon Valley wants people with experience. US immigration services want people with grad degrees. Silicon Valley’s highest echelon is filled with examples of successful people who have eschewed degrees in favor of entrepreneurship. It’s also filled with immigrants. No one illustrates this better than Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who was born in South [...]

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