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Ignite: The talks of TED@WellsFargo

2020-02-11T03:05:06+01:00February 11th, 2020|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

TED curator Cyndi Stivers opens TED@WellsFargo at the Knight Theater on February 5, 2020, in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo: Ryan Lash / TED) World-changing ideas that unearth solutions and ignite progress can come from anywhere. With that spirit in mind at TED@WellsFargo, thirteen speakers showcased how human empathy and problem-solving can combine with technology to [...]

Meet the 2020 class of TED Fellows and Senior Fellows

2020-01-24T03:05:00+01:00January 24th, 2020|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

The TED Fellows program is excited to announce the new group of TED2020 Fellows and Senior Fellows! This year’s class represents 13 countries across four continents, and they’re making strides in an impressive range of fields — from astrobiology and ethnomusicology to maternal healthcare and beyond. This group is taking a hard look at the [...]

A dangerous woman: Pat Mitchell speaks at TEDWomen 2019

2019-12-08T03:04:35+01:00December 8th, 2019|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

Pat Mitchell speaks at TEDWomen 2019: Bold + Brilliant, December 4-6, 2019, Palm Springs, California. Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED Pat Mitchell has nothing left to prove and much less to lose. Now more than ever, she cares less about what others say, speaks her mind freely — and she’s angry, too. She’s become a [...]

Wayfinders: Notes from Session 6 of TEDWomen 2019

2019-12-07T03:04:55+01:00December 7th, 2019|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

Singer, songwriter and beatboxer Butterscotch lights up the stage at TEDWomen 2019: Bold + Brilliant, on December 6, 2019, in Palm Springs, (California. Photo: Jasmina Tomic / TED) The final session of TEDWomen 2019 is here! We can’t believe it; we won’t believe. But, if we must close out these three incredible days, it’s good [...]

Meaning Seekers: Notes from Session 5 of TEDWomen 2019

2019-12-07T03:04:53+01:00December 7th, 2019|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

Dissatisfaction is the starting point to change, says Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, the mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone. She speaks at TEDWomen 2019: Bold + Brilliant, on December 5, 2019, in Palm Springs, California. (Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED) Session 2 of TEDWomen 2019 is all about seeking meaning: in our political lives, creative lives, healthcare systems, [...]

Taboo Breakers: Notes from Session 4 of TEDWomen 2019

2019-12-06T03:04:49+01:00December 6th, 2019|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

“It shouldn’t be an act of feminism to know how your body works,” says gynecologist Jen Gunter. She discusses “menstrual shame” at TEDWomen 2019: Bold + Brilliant on December 5, 2019, in Palm Springs, California. (Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED) In Session 4 of TEDWomen 2019, we tackle some big taboos — divorce, menopause, political [...]

Strike for the climate: Jane Fonda speaks at TEDWomen 2019

2019-12-06T03:04:47+01:00December 6th, 2019|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

Civil disobedience is becoming a new normal, says actor and activist Jane Fonda. She speaks with host Pat Mitchell about Fire Drill Fridays, her weekly climate demonstrations, at TEDWomen 2019: Bold + Brilliant on December 5, 2019 in Palm Springs, California. (Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED) At age 81, actor and activist Jane Fonda is [...]

Planet Protectors: Notes from Session 3 of TEDWomen 2019

2019-12-06T03:04:45+01:00December 6th, 2019|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

Singer-songwriter Shawnee brings her undeniable stage presence to TEDWomen 2019: Bold + Brilliant (Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED) The impacts of climate change are being experienced, right now. In Session 3 of TEDWomen 2019, we dig deep into some of the most urgent environmental issues we’re facing — exploring solutions and the many ways people [...]