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Moholy-Nagy and the New Typography: a comprehensive publication finally released

2019-11-08T12:19:51+01:00November 8th, 2019|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

Tags  Bauhaus, book, publication, The New Typography, László Moholy-Nagy, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin In 1929, ten years after the Bauhaus was founded, Berlin’s Martin-Gropius-Bau launched the exhibition “New Typography.” László Moholy-Nagy, who had left Dessau the previous year and had earned a reputation as a designer in Berlin, was invited to exhibit his work together with other [...]

Type Champions Award 2019: Alibaba, The Guardian, NYT & more honorees to note

2019-11-07T12:19:21+01:00November 7th, 2019|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

Tags  Monotype, awards, Type Champions Award, winners, Alibaba, Alibaba Sans, The Guardian, Dropbox, New York Times, type design, branding, report, forecast, e-book And the winners are in! Monotype introduced the inaugural recipients of the Type Champions Award, a new program that recognizes brands for their creative, innovative, and memorable use of typography in developing and maintaining their [...]

Artivist at large: John Mavroudis and his multi-awarded typographic portraiture explodes

2019-11-05T12:19:19+01:00November 5th, 2019|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

Tags  TIFF, poster, John Mavroudis, Greek American, illustrator, typography, DIN, futura, The Nation, magazine, The New Yorker, Fortune, cover, American Civil Rights Movement, Thessaloniki International Film Festival A statement and a truth: John Mavroudis is one of the most influential and talked about contemporary illustrators of our times. Blending his drawings with type, Mavroudis is an [...]

60 years on: Typeroom’s 21 favorite TIFF posters of all time

2019-11-01T12:19:14+01:00November 1st, 2019|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

Tags  posters, visual identity, film, film festival, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, TIFF, Dimitris Papazoglou, Beetroot, John Mavroudis This year the Thessaloniki International Film Festival (TIFF) which kicks off today, celebrates its 60th anniversary. The festival, which runs through November 10, will feature a total of 201 films and 59 short films, while 25 awards will be given [...]

PF Marlet: Edgy, elegant & probably the ideal font of the month

2019-10-29T12:19:29+01:00October 29th, 2019|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

Tags  Parachute Typefoundry, Panos Vassiliou, type system, Humanist, typeface, font, competition, Typography Guru In the event of Typography Guru's Font of The Month competition, we present you with a type system nominated for October, our beloved PF Marlet.  “Marlet is a beautiful and inspiring set of typographic elements based on a minimal and simplistic approach [...]

Nature: with a bespoke typeface & a new logo the journal’s evolution is on

2019-10-24T12:19:26+01:00October 24th, 2019|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

Tags  Rebranding, redesign, Journal, Britain, academic, typeface, Bespoke, font, Commercial Type Nature aka the British multidisciplinary scientific journal, first published on 4 November 1869 and one of the most recognizable scientific journals in the world sure looks different. Nature has evolved and it is being redesigned aiming at “clearer research communication in the digital age.” From today, Nature unveiled [...]

Paris 2024: variable fonts and Art Deco for the Olympics

2019-10-24T12:19:23+01:00October 24th, 2019|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

Tags  Olympics, logo, emblem, Paris, Bespoke, variable, typeface, France, Royalties Ecobranding Paris has unveiled a gold-medal-shaped emblem for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympic Games that incorporates the Olympic flame and the lips of Marianne. The new design, under the direction of creative agency Royalties Ecobranding, brings together three iconic symbols connected to sport, the Games and France. [...]

Bauhaus Rewritten: Pentagram’s ode to the female forces which shaped our visuals

2019-10-22T12:19:30+01:00October 22nd, 2019|Categories: Inspiration, News|Tags: |

Tags  Bauhaus, Design Museum, london, professor, Sascha Lobe, Pentagram, London Design Festival, typographic installation, centenary, Anniversary To celebrate Bauhaus' centenary London's Design Museum has commisioned Pentagram's partner Sascha Lobe with a London Design Festival installation aka a Bauhaus road crossing celebrating the women of Bauhaus. To mark the iconic centenary of the design movement which fiercely changed our visual [...]