MSQUARE is a boutique production company based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs which produces unique commercial content as well as independent features. Working with the likes of Gucci, Peroni and Telstra, the firm recently moved base into an open, converted terrace space in Paddington.

Designed by co-founder, creative director and producer, Mia-Danica Jamora, the unique studio overflows with natural light and defies the concept of the traditional workplace through its modern edge and inspiring views of the city. We spoke to Mia about her office.

1. Tell us more about your studio

“Our space has a modern industrial feel to it, particularly with the polished concrete flooring and wooden furnishings. The entire studio is enclosed in glass, which provides gorgeous views of the surrounding city. We have warehouse-style shelves filled with our collection of cinematic books, a whiteboard wall which we use to coordinate our upcoming projects, as well as a large flat-screen television for our client viewing area.”

2. You designed the space – what was your inspiration?

“My mother is an architect and deeply influenced my love for natural light in any type of environment. It was important for me to create a workspace that was conducive to creativity and generating ideas.

“Initially, the inspiration behind the interior of the space was a mixture of industrial and minimalistic aspects. However, to create a sense of warmth, I introduced raw materials such as woods and plants.”

3. Any features you love, and why?

“My favourite aspect will always be the windows. I think natural lighting is extremely important in any workspace. We spend so much time in the office and it has an impact on our mental state in terms of creative thinking. Having fresh air and natural sunlight circulating the studio stimulates workflow and creates a lovely atmosphere.”

4. Which of the space gets used the most, and for what?

“Our work tables. Instead of having individual workspaces, we have two large concrete tables that everyone sits around, as well as a vintage leather couch. Because we are constantly brainstorming creative concepts and holding creative sessions and writers rooms, working in a relaxed environment enables free-flowing thought and productivity.”

5. Describe the area

“Paddington is one of Sydney’s trendiest suburbs. It holds a perfect balance of the vibrancy of city life combined with the peacefulness of suburbia. Our office is situated behind Oxford Street, which is famous for its boutique fashion stores, cafes, art galleries and restaurants. The surrounding streets are paved with terrace houses and native Australian trees. It is a gorgeous area to work in.”

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Author: Katy Cowan

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