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DIY Kits For Children Enable Them to Learn and Create Using Technology

We’re living in a high-tech world, and once your children start asking questions about how computers work or why the light turns on at the simple turn of a switch, it might be a good idea to teach them some basic principles about technology. The UK-based start-up Technology Will Save Us has the defined mission to provide families, educators, and young people with new opportunities to learn and create using technology.

They’re making hands-on learning accessible with technology that includes DIY Gadget kits, activities, and online resources. All of their products are vehicles for education that encourage everyone to make, play, code, and invent with technology. Using everyday life as inspiration, their kits tap into hobbies and passions such as music, gardening, cycling, and gaming. Founder and CEO Bethany Koby believes “Making things in the real world using technology provides more immediate satisfaction, emotional and intellectual awareness, and a deeper understanding of the skills learned. Our aim is to inspire a new creative generation that see technology as a tool for solving problems and making things with; equipping them with the skills – soldering, electronics, programming, design, debugging, problem solving, and confidence – that are essential for today’s world.” You can learn more about their kits on their website and via their YouTube channel.


DIY Electro Dough is suitable for ages 4+ (with supervision). Create your own sculptures and scenes using your homemade dough. Then bring them to life with LED eyes, buzzing bodies, and silly switches. Take a hands-on approach to learning circuitry by building structures and scenery using electro dough and electric components. Let your imagination run wild and use electro dough in unique ways to complete your circuit – make it as simple or as complicated as you like. The kit is inspired by Squishy Circuits, created by the students at St Thomas University. You can find their work here.



With this kit you can learn how to make a simple circuit using basic electronics. No soldering required to keep your plants happy. Make your own moisture sensor out of plaster of Paris and nails. Twist together your circuit and power it all with a solar panel that will tell an LED to flash when your plants need watering. It’s good for ages 8 to 108.



Discover the joys of electronic music by building your very own synthesizer with the DIY Synth Kit. Play your synth and record your next big hit. Three potentiometers (simple knobs that provide variable resistance) control the volume, pitch, and frequency on this straightforward circuit. Experiment with electronic music or just make crazy sounds. Suitable for ages 12 and up.



As soon as you’ve made your gamer you’ll be able to play two classic games – Snakes and Pong. Smash your high score and then you’re ready for the next steps: hack these games, download more, and then code your own. Gamers have made everything from Tetris to Pacman.


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