Thursday, April 26, 2018 – Today marks the first-ever TED en Español speaker event hosted by TED in its New York City office. The all-Spanish daytime event, held in TED’s theater in Manhattan, will feature eight speakers, a musical performance, five short films and fifteen 1-minute talks given by members of the audience. 150 people are expected to attend from around the world, and about 20 TEDx events in 10 countries plan to tune in to watch remotely.

The New York event is just the latest addition to TED’s sweeping new Spanish-language TED en Español initiative, designed to spread ideas to the global Hispanic community. Led by TED’s Gerry Garbulsky, also head of the world’s largest TEDx event – TEDxRiodelaPlata in Argentina – TED en Español includes a Facebook community, Twitter feed, weekly ¨Boletín¨ newsletter, YouTube channel and – as of earlier this month – an original podcast created in partnership with Univision Communications.

“As part of our nonprofit mission at TED, we work to find and spread the best ideas no matter where the speakers live or what language they speak,” said Gerry. “We want everyone to have access to ideas in their own language. Given the massive global Hispanic population, we’ve begun the work to bring Spanish-language ideas directly to Spanish-speaking audiences, and today event is a major step in solidifying our commitment to that effort.”

Today´s speakers include chef Gastón Acurio, futurist Juan Enriquez, entrepreneur Leticia Gasca, data scientist César A. Hidalgo, founder and funder Rebeca Hwang, ocean expert Enric Sala, assistant conductor of the LA Philharmonic Paolo Bortolameolli, and psychologist and dancer César Silveyra. Musical group LADAMA will perform.


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