By Eliza Williams


The two-minute long ad, created by BBH Live, features a psychotherapist who analyses the food baskets of various shoppers, before matching them. The premise is as contrived as any TV dating show – everyone is conveniently well matched in age etc – but as enjoyable to watch too. And while everyone featured is more attractive and sane-seeming than many of the shoppers in my local Tesco, it all feels somehow more honest than the strange sitcom setups of the Christmas spots.

What is probably not part of the campaign however, are the cheeky rearrangements of Valentine’s promotions that have happened recently in Tesco’s stores – see Mashable for details – though I kind of wish they were.


Agency: BBH Live
ECD: Caroline Pay
Creative director: Mara Vidal
Creative: Kate Murphy
Director: David Stoddart, Dark Energy Films
Production company: Black Sheep Studios

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